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Everything You wanted to Know About Baby Wearing, but Didn't Know to Ask

Are you new to baby wearing or are you trying to determine the 'best' sling for you? Do you have questions about buying a sling or carrier for someone else? Do you have a 'special' baby wearing question or concern? Are you trying to find as much information as possible before buying your first sling, or are you looking for other options for baby wearing and carrying? If so, you've come to the right baby sling library!

We have a collection of informative articles and other 'must knows' written by parents and caregivers especially for other parents looking for practical advice and information about ring slings, baby pouches, front carriers, and other information parents need, and want, to know. Have your own story or view to share? Please contact us to post your story or article, and help other families looking for baby wearing information!

    Baby Pouch 101.

    A quick course on pouch slings, one of the first carriers used for baby wearing.

    Baby Wearing Benefits for Newborns.

    During the first four months of his life, a baby's life is filled with sights and sounds. Baby wearing keeps baby close to mom's heartbeat and the sound of her voice, sounds he will recognize from the womb. Being wrapped close to mom will keep baby feeling safe and secure, help sleep cycles, lower incidents of post-partum depression, and can soothe fussy and colicky babies.

    Baby Wearing Benefits for Preemies.

    When you have a premature baby, itís up to you to provide him with the extra care he requires to overcome some of the unique challenges of being born too early. The age-old practice of baby wearing has been shown to provide preemies with a number of benefits that can help them better adjust to life outside of the womb.

    Baby Wearing Benefits for Toddlers.

    Since toddlers are more independent, they wonít spend as much time in slings as babies, but there are still mountains of benefits a toddler can gain from their parents wearing them.

    Baby Wraps 101

    An introductory course of what is a baby wrap, how to wear one, and the pros and cons of using a baby wrap over other styles of baby carriers.

    Wearing a Preschooler.

    You and your preschooler can still enjoy the bonding, security and learning experiences of being worn. Slings, pouches and carriers can assist you by providing a safe and secure way for you to carry your little person and help you explore the world together, without straining your back in the process.