About Us

Baby Sling Shop Family

Baby Sling Shop is owned by a family with two young twin boys in Salem, Oregon. In addition to being an attachment-parenting household, we place high importance in the quality, usability, durability, and exceptional value of products. Customer service is an important part of our business, and we're here to help you find the baby sling, wrap or carrier that you need and that best fits your lifestyle. Once you have your sling, pouch, mei tai, or soft carrier, we're here to help with questions, wearing instructions, and be of any assistance that we can to both you and your baby.

From preemies to preschoolers, baby wearing is a great way to develop a close bond with your baby, and involve your children with everything you do in a hands-free, no-hassle way. Our goal at Baby Sling Shop is to bring you the most comprehensive selection of the best baby slings, wraps, and other carriers on the web. We partner with both larger companies and mom-owned businesses to bring you high quality, durable, and safe baby wearing gear. Knowing usability is important to 'real' families you will find the slings, wraps, and other baby carriers at Baby Sling Shop are baby-inspired, mom-created, and family-approved. We know from our personal experience as a family with twins that what works really well in one family may not work at all for another. We believe offering a large selection of different styles, brands and varieties of slings, wraps, and baby carriers is imperative to offering the versatility families need to find the products that work best for them.

Being parents ourselves, Baby's Safety is our first goal here at Baby Sling Shop, and we do not offer materials or products that we haven't, or wouldn't, use with our own children. This means you have no need to worry about lead-based dyes or unsafe or uncomfortable pieces here at Baby Sling Shop. For families looking for sustainability, reducing their carbon foot print, and “going green”, Baby Sling Shop has a huge selection of organic, hemp, and all natural cotton slings, pouches, and other baby carriers.

At Baby Sling Shop we are always on the search for new baby wearing carriers and accessories that will benefit babies and their families. If you have a carrier or accessory you could just not live without, please let us know! If you have an accessory or carrier that you would like us to carry, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!