Baby Wraps 101

An Introductory Course in Baby Wraps

Baby wraps, also known as “wraparounds", “wraparound slings”, or "full body baby wraps", are a length of comfortable fabric, 3 to 7 yards long and approximately 20 to 30 inches wide. The baby wrap is wrapped around both the parent and the baby or toddler. The length of the wrap allows for a variety of safe and secure carrying positions, front cradle hold, hip, front, back, side, and cradle.

Wraps are a great way to carry preemies, newborns and very young twins as well. Because of the snugness of the fabric, Baby Wraps offer great head support and‘full body baby wrap’ carry positions. Your baby (or babies) can be wrapped snuggly, similar to a swaddling blanket, and can be worn close to your heart, where she can hear the comforting sound of your heartbeat. Because of the length of fabric, the variety of carrying positions, the easy adjustability, and the durability of the fabric, wraps can be comfortably worn for years. Most wraps have been safety-tested to hold up to 35 lbs.


Sizing: Baby Wraps are truly a one-size fits all. With the long fabric, there is a carrying position for everyone, no matter how big or small they are.


Baby wraps are available in a variety of fabrics, including twills, fleece, wool, cotton, hemp, silk blends,and hand-woven fabrics. Most wraps are made of material that provides some give or stretch to allow you to hold your baby as securely as possible.

Pros and Cons of Baby Wraps

There really is no “best” sling or carrier. Similar to car seats and high chairs, there’s a variety of types and styles to fit just about anyone. Which carrier you buy really is a matter of preference. Each baby carrier has its own pros and cons, and the most important thing about finding the best sling for you is to make sure that your sling does all you need it to do.

Baby Wrap Pros:

  • Baby wraps are one of the most versatile and secure types of baby carriers available. Your baby is securely wrapped to you, making a wrap a true baby body sling.
  • No buckles, snaps, rings, etc. to adjust, and making wraps easier to wash, too.
  • One size means it can be worn over whatever you are wearing (from t-shirts to thick winter coats).
  • One size means it can be shared amongst family members and caregivers.
  • Great support and comfort for infants and preemies.
  • Easily adjustable..

Baby Wrap Cons:

  • Wraps have a learning curve as you maneuver through different carry styles.
  • Some people require a second person to help wrap and tie the baby wrap.
  • When baby falls asleep when wrapped – and he will! – you have to unwrap the carrier to put him down. The good news is wraps are so comfortable, and babies are so sweet when they’re snuggled up next to you and sleeping, that you won’t mind wearing them just a bit longer.