Baby Wearing Benefits for Baby

Baby Wearing can Enhance Baby's Ability to Learn About Her World

The practice of baby wearing has been around for as long as moms all over the world have been moms. Baby wearing is of itself a mother of invention, as moms needed to be able to cook, clean, gather, watch over older children, and still feed, teach, and take care of their young babies.

While infants spend the majority of their time eating and sleeping, babies between the ages of four and 12 months are more aware of the world that surround them. How else do they know to make a beeline for the one thing in the room that you forgot to baby-proof or put away? Baby wearing enhances a baby's ability to learn by exposing him to more visual and conversational experiences. This helps babies develop language skills and enhances their listening abilities.

Nothing is more important in the world today than the nurturing that children receive in the first three years of life, for it is in these earliest years that the capacities for trust, empathy, and affection originate.

Dr. Elliott Barker

Moms who wear their babies are also more attentive and spend significantly more time interacting with them. Life in a crib, play pen, or exersaucer can get pretty boring after a while as it limits the number of new things baby has to explore. When babies are worn, they go wherever their parents go and get to participate in life and not just watch from afar. Babies who are worn learn how to be responsive to the things that surround them. They get to explore the world at an entirely different level. An additional benefit for mom is she always knows where baby is, and what he or she may be getting into.

Babies who are carried more are happier, so they spend less time crying and fussing. They spend more time absorbing their surroundings and enhancing their overall quality of learning. As an infant responds to your movements, his muscle strength and balance will steadily improve. This is especially beneficial to babies between 4 and 7 months as they will need these muscles when they start to sit up. The movement of being carried everyday also helps babies develop greater nerve strength.

Strollers are hard to navigate through some areas in stores, restaurants, parks, markets, and other public places. Stollers frequently get bumped against doorways and walls in an effort to maneuver them. This type of sudden movement can frighten babies, especially when resting. Stairs can be impossible to navigate, and babies in strollers can be ignored and not seen by the crowds around them. When you’re wearing your baby, your baby can snuggle against your body without the fear of being jerked around because you’re struggling to get a bulky stroller through doors or your favorite department store.

The excitement of being out in crowded places can often distract infants and cause disruption to their eating patterns. Having your infant in a sling can minimize outside stimuli and allow your infant to nurse comfortably and discreetly. Blocking outside distractions also helps your infant maintain a regular sleeping routine because he can sleep comfortably nuzzled against your body no matter where you are.

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